Caitlin Roberts
* Chief Visionary Founder, owner, and expert, elevated, certified massage therapist.

Caitlin is sole owner, founder and chief visionary expert of the Midwest’s only Christianity driven, first responder focused destination-wellness center.

Caitlin has a passion for facilitating positive changes in the lives of others, guiding them to grow through and beyond their traumas. She utilizes a wide array of massage therapy and wellness modalities, to include relaxation, deep pressured deep tissue, energy balancing, craniosacral, myofascial release, meditations and other specialized, focused healing methods.

Caitlin is an instructor at WellSpring School of Allied Health, providing educational training for the future leaders of the massage and wellness community. Some of the courses she teaches includes: Anatomy & Physiology, Communications, Prenatal, Hospice, Craniosacral, Oncology, Professional Development, and more.

Fun Facts
Favorite Color: Orange then Purple then Green then Blue
Favorite Movie: Lilo & Stitch, Twister & Remember The Titans
Favorite Food: Authentic beef jerky (bison jerky)
Dream Destination: Rome, Italy
Random Facts: I am a passionate Catholic, obsessed with bison and envision a bison farm in my future, plan to adopt children within the next 5 years, and I absolutely adore working with children.

About My Family:
I have 3 silly and loving dogs with whom I am absolutely obsessed.
🀍 MacGyver Jethro is my almost 9-year-old boxer-lab mix. He has lived up to his name since I adopted him over 7 years ago… my master escape artist who loves people, especially children. His 80+ pound self thinks he is a lap dog.
🀍 Lilo Bug is my 7.5 year old yorkie/bichon mix. She is definitely a “Grandma’s Girl” pup and has only just recently started learning how to act like a “real” dog.
🀍 Pepper Chewbarka is my 4 year old demon puppy. He is a fluffy black ball of speed and chaos, also known as a pomeranian-schipperke-poodle-mix. He is 99.99% fearless and lives up to his breed’s nickname of “little black devil”.

Dawn Ancil
* Certified Base Massage Therapist

Dawn is our phenomenal, new, base massage therapist! Dawn joined our FRM family in late June 2019.

Dawn provides swedish and relaxation, deeper tissue, trigger point release and overall therapeutic customized massage therapy services.

Dawn has a passion for providing a relaxing, soothing and calming environment for clients to breathe and find peace of mind and tension release.

Dawn graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health (Lawrence Campus) in March 2019 with her certification, and then again in August 2019 with her associate’s degree.

Fun Facts
Favorite Color: Hot Pink, also like Black & Red
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid… all the Disney movies! Can anyone pick just one movie?
Favorite Food: Mexican & Margaritas!
Dream Destination: I want to go to Hawaii.
Random Facts: I love Jesus. ❀ And I am obsessed with wolves.

About My Family:
I have 3 teenage sons, and several fur-babies. I am a huge animal lover. 🐢🐱

TanishaLee Moore
* Reception Specialist & Wellness Center Manager

TanishaLee is our First Response Wellness Center Manager and Reception Specialist. She joined our FRM Family in February 2019.

TanishaLee joined us after successfully serving as a store manager for Verizon Wireless / Cell Only for two years. Her knowledge & expertise are essential assets to the functionality of our wellness center, and her dedication to high quality customer service is apparent with our clients.

Fun Facts
Favorite Color: Gypsy Teal
Favorite Movie: Dumbo
Favorite Food: Sushi
Dream Destination: Spain
Random Fact: I am hilarious πŸ˜‹

About my family:
I have 3 beautiful little girls!