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Base or Elevated: What’s the difference?

In order to provide a wide variety of therapeutic massage and bodywork, we have therapists with varying levels of experience, training, expertise, and skill sets. Whichever type of customized service you prefer, you can enjoy the complimentary aromatherapy diffused and the optional luxurious heated table warmer for optimal comfort and therapeutic relief.

Our Base Level therapists provide introductory or general massage therapy techniques and modalities commonly practiced. They use their training, intuition and listen to your needs to guide the session. Base sessions provide an exceptional option for those wanting a rewarding massage experience, routine bodywork, and an introduction to lifestyle wellness by means of massage therapy.

Our Elevated Level therapists provide an expert level of attention, utilizing general and advanced massage therapy techniques & modalities, serving as an exceptional choice for anyone with special needs or conditions, or simply wanting an elevated experience. Their training, experience & intuition helps guide them to meet your needs, while incorporating personal development, wellness & life mentoring, and energy balancing based upon your wants and needs for each given session.

Focus Work

Targeted therapeutic integrative massage utilizing a variety of techniques and pressures (light to firm) to increase circulation, release tension & provide relief to specific areas in need.

30-minute sessions are best for a quick pick-me-up.
45-minute sessions are best targeting one area in dire need, or two areas needing moderate focus.

A soothing Young Living aromatherapy blend is diffused throughout your session.

Relaxation Session

Allow yourself to refresh your mind, body & soul with this custom Swedish style massage. Incorporating gentle light-to-medium pressured smoothing strokes, and gentle manipulation of soft tissues, this massage is designed to relax your muscles, relieve tension, promote healthy circulation, and bring peace and stillness to the mind.

60-minute sessions are ideal to bring a calming peace.

A soothing Young Living aromatherapy blend is diffused throughout your session.

Restorative Session

Therapeutic, intuitive massage utilizing a variety of techniques and pressures (light to firm) to increase circulation, release tension throughout the body, and provide a calming relief for the mind.

Our restorative sessions are perfect for promoting increased circulation and blood flow to affected areas, addressing and relieving tension, pains, & joint discomfort, and easing the mind.

60-minute & 90-minute sessions are typical for maximum relief.
2-hour sessions are best for those wanting extended time for ultimate, calming relief.

A soothing Young Living aromatherapy blend is diffused throughout your session.

Deep Release

After warming up the surrounding tissues, our deep release session focuses on targeting areas of discomfort, breaking down adhesions, and alleviating pains within the deeper layers of connective tissues with deep, targeted pressure.

Our deep release sessions are incredible for those needing the deepest layers of tissues addressed with firm, consistent pressure.

90-minute sessions are ideal for maximized results and full-body relief.
60-minute sessions are good for targeting specific areas of tension.

A soothing Young Living aromatherapy blend is diffused throughout your session.


Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary wellness choice for prenatal care. Our prenatal sessions utilize special positioning for maximized comfort and care during all stages of pregnancy. Utilizing massage techniques to provide relief from common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as low back and hip aches, headaches, sciatica-like symptoms, and joint pain, our massage therapists ensure extra care is provided for both mom and baby.

Prenatal massage can help encourage adequate blood and lymph circulation, ease the nervous system, reduce physical stress on joints, and aid in overall mental wellbeing to promote better quality sleep and daily function.

Prenatal sessions are offered in 60 & 90 minute increments.
**A soothing Young Living aromatherapy blend might or might not be diffused during session as consideration for sensory sensitivities of the mother & complete prenatal care precautions are factored.

Hot Stone Session

Our hot stone massage sessions are an extremely warming and soothing session that involves use of smooth, warmed basalt stones throughout the massage session. Our massage therapist will utilize therapeutic massage techniques and incorporate the heated stones as extensions of their hands to intricately address areas of discomfort. The localized heat and weight of the stones provide a warming relief to the muscles, softening the tissue & melting away tension and stress.

Our 90-minute hot stone sessions are the perfect length for ultimate therapeutic relief.
60-minute hot stone sessions are offered for a concentrated focus session.

Luxury Sessions

Embrace an ultimate level of wellness with one of our revitalizing custom luxury sessions.

Spring Luxury (available March – May)
To Be Announced

Summer Luxury (available June – August)
“Citrus Bliss”

This custom massage addresses your areas of tension & stress, providing a deepened state of relaxation & therapeutic release. Incorporated within this luxury session is an uplifting, citrus sugar foot scrub, refreshing cool or warm steamed towels, and renewing, focused reflexology.
** 90-minute session **

Autumn Luxury (available September – November)
To Be Announced

Winter Luxury (available December – February)
“Melt Away”

Indulge in a relaxing therapeutic upgrade to your session; incorporating hot stones, warm steamed towels, soothing & refreshing foot reflexology and a renewing aromatherapy blend diffused throughout.
** 90-minute session **

Mini Massage

Headache Relief
Sinus Support
Foot Therapy
and more

Chair Massage

10 – 30 minute chair massage sessions are great for targeted pick-me-up.

BEMER Session

BEMER technology encourages proper circulation of the body, addressing the capillaries, and encourage a systemic immune support response.

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