FRM Family,

Please take a moment to read these words. During high tension and high stress times, it is easy to forget or doubt the worth of oneself. During times of trial, often do people feel their voice is not heard or not important.

This is not simply a wishful thinking post, this is absolute truth. You are loved. You are worthy. You are important. You matter. Your existence and presence here on Earth makes a difference.

We all are striving to be the best, do the best, serve the best, and bring the best outcomes.

Remember the love and good the rushes through your entire being.

Remember the depths of good while the passion fuels you.

Our world will never be perfect, until our Creator returns & makes it so.

Our individual selves will never be perfect, for we are intelligently and beautifully designed with free will in a world that has both good and evil.

And still, our most inner and authentic version of self, our true self, our soul gifted to us by God, is a pure, loving and genuine soul. That is our voice. Who we are at the very purest form. That is a gift to the world.

Our very own gift to this world is to live as authentically as we can. Appreciate your true inner self. We’ve possibly all heard “just be you, you’re the only you there is”, etc. How true that is.

BE YOU. EMBRACE YOU. The God gifted YOU. The beautifully, authentically YOU whom brings good, love and joy into this world. 💕

YOU are a gift to this world.

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  1. Beautifully said!

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