Oncology Massage

One modality I had always been interested in was oncology massage.

Ever since I was a small child, the world of oncology fascinated me. It wasn’t in the sense that I enjoyed others being in pain, rather it was quite the opposite. Unfortunate illnesses happen to people, and there are specialists continuously working, studying, researching to ensure the best outcome for those afflicted.

Growing up,

I had such a certainty I would work within the oncology field. I was pretty set on being a pediatric oncologist. My lack of passion for mathematics quickly woke me up from that dream & reminded me that I could still help those with cancer, and perhaps in a different way than initially thought.

When I began my massage therapy journey, I was interested in training for oncology. While it wasn’t offered as part of the program at the time, it was an optional continuing education course, which I quickly pursued. Little did I know that my intuition and the extent of my training would be taken to an intense level in the near future.

Then it happened.

A year upon completing the certification program for massage therapy, someone extremely near & dear to me was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Those who know me closely, know who it is. To do my best to respect their privacy, I will not share who on here. I will say though, that it did provide me a very raw and vulnerable experience with the face of oncology world.

Throughout the person’s recovery journey, it entailed various treatments… surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, you name it. One thing that was extremely humbling was the way God designs things ever so perfectly. He knew this person would develop cancer, and He knew that should I listen to His message of pursuing massage (I did), that my intuitive energy & work would provide an irreplaceable healing approach & comfort that nothing else could.

Essentially, because I listened to my intuition, when it didn’t “make sense”, I trusted & it all made sense in the future. I was able to provide such a therapeutic, comforting and rewarding treatment approach, that aided in the healing process & success of the treatment for someone very near and dear to me.

Talk about a gift. Thank you, God.

After watching and experiencing the benefits of massage for oncology clients, I dove more into researching how it helps and why. There is a plethora of anectodal evidence from oncology patients all over. Scientific research can “prove” some of it, though because every single person is unique, there are so many factors and variables to consider with creating a “true research study”. My personal opinion: if so many people have found such incredible benefit & results, there is something true to it. If it helped them, it very likely can help others, too. Majority of doctors also find this to be true.

While my education & training still is far from what I want it to be in order to help those with cancer, I have gained so much experience and training that has been beneficial to my clients thus far.

For that I am thankful.

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